Air Heaters (Air Heating Systems) are used for process heating and central heating where there is requirement of hot air for any industrial or comfort heating application. Hot air is indirectly heated through the heat exchanger which is diesel/gas/solid fuel fired. Temperatures upto 225 deg. C can be achieved. The temperature control and burner operation is fully automatic. Air Heaters are manufactured by us from 25,000 kca/hr to 4,00,000 kcal/hr. Thousands of "Alfa-Therm" Air Heaters (central heating systems) are in operation in practically every application all across the country and abroad.

The main component of Alfa-Therm air heaters consists of insulation, the combustion chamber made out of stainless steel, a fuel gas outlet, fuel oil burner, and a blower and smoke tube.

Wondering how our air heaters function? Keep reading!

  • There is a blower fan fitted at the bottom of the unit that blows air upwards over the combustion chamber and the nest of smoke tubes.
  • The hot air from the chamber is passed away to the required places.
  • There are louvered panels at the bottom that allow combustion air.
  • You can view the burner flame through the side of the glass.
  • The dust-proof pre-wired electrical control panel box is located on the air heater itself. It allows for easy operation.

Salient Features of Alfa Therm Air Heaters


Alfa Therm air heaters have clean and critically controllable hot air with temperature models up to 225°c. All our models are fully automatic, easy to operate, and virtually need no maintenance. They are space savers as well and can easily be installed with the existing or new system. Another characteristic feature is less noise thus ensuring that the ambiance of your workplace is peaceful.

What are the advantages of using Alfa Therm Air Heaters?

Air heaters are literally the best solution wherever air heating is done. There is a huge saving of more than 70% as compared to an electric heater. Furthermore, its running cost is much lower than thermic fluid and steam heating. Alfa Therm air heaters are low maintenance, ensures high performance, and are economical at all levels, with low initial cost as compared to thermic fluid heating. In our air heaters, we install only internationally accepted quality products thus ensuring you the best quality product in the market.

Why choose us

  • We are the leading manufacturers in all types of heating elements
  • Our industrial heaters promise high performances and are built using the latest technology
  • All our products are designed keeping in mind the customer’s needs
  • Our heating elements are built for high durability, less noise, maximum efficiency, and reliability Our expert team strictly follows the total quality management

Our other products in the air heater category include:

(1) Oil fired air heater

(2) Gas-fired air heater

If you are looking for air heaters manufacturers in Delhi, your search ends here. More than 2 decades old, Alfa Therm Ltd an ISO-certified company is the largest manufacturer of air heaters

and automatic oil and gas burners. Alfa-Therm Process Heating Division introduced Air Heaters in 1997 for printing, textile, packaging, central heating food, and pharmaceutical industry. Today, the company stands as a famous and accepted brand for heating systems in India and abroad. We are proud to see our Air Heaters (central heating systems) in operation in practically every application in various industries all across the country as well as abroad. To know more about our product or to place your order, get in touch with us today!

Hot Air Generators

Alfa Therm’s hot air generators are used for heating any type of premises. It is generally used in various industrial processes where fast heating is required. The product is designed as per the heat output and the desired temperature requirement. Our hot air generators are compact, easy to operate, and fully automatic.


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