Animal waste is a pollutant of increasing concern both to the public and to regulatory bodies because they have the potential to contaminate both surface and groundwater.

Animal waste incineration is the most efficacious method of disposal resulting in a high level of risk scarcity,

Animal waste incinerators are manufactured with heavy duty steel construction, quality material, strong refractory and are reckoned for robust construction and long & reliable functional life. It is also provided with appropriate air pollution control system as per country regulations/customer's demand. These incinerators are specifically designed to dispose animal carcass.

  1. Large Animal incinerator (Cow, Horse, Buffalos etc.)
  2. Small Animal Incinerator (Dogs, Cats, Rats etc.)
  3. Poultry incinerator/Bird incinerator (Poultry birds, poultry farm waste)


  1. Applications:  Incineration of large dead animals, , Poultry animals/birds infected from Bird Flu Disease or death, Farm animals infected from infectious diseases or death, Animal Carcasses form Slaughter houses, Experimental or research Animals, Animals from farms and zoo.
  • Design: Floor-standing, Moveable bed/Hearth Trolley, Mobile Incinerator
  • Material of Construction : Heavy Duty Steel
  • Refractory and Insulation : Insulated and Refractory lined chambers
  • Combustion: Post/ Secondary Chamber 2 seconds residence time design.
  • Feeding: Fully automated animal waste feeding system (Manual feeding option also available)
  • Air Pollution Control System : Wet Venturi Scrubbing System/Dry Scrubbing System
  • Ash removal: Automatic ash removal system optional
  • Temperature range: Min. 850 °C (1562 °F), Max. 1150 °C (2102 °F)
  • Burning fuel: Diesel, LPG, Natural Gas, Electrical
  • Capacity: 100, 200, 250, 500, 1000, 1300, 1500 Kgs per day
  • Emission: Alfa-Therm Incinerator can achieve any Local or International regulation such as Indian, EPA, UAE, Egyptian, EU 2000/76/EC (or 2010/75/EU).
  • Installation : Easy with the help of the installation manual and drawings/By our trained engineer

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Animal / poultryWaste Incinerator