Atulya Microwave Sterilizer, The Microwave Steriliser uses differential heating to disintegrate the Coronavirus. The unit is economical and portable. The virus can be killed by using the steriliser on any surface/material that needs to be sterilised for about 1 to 2 minutes depending on its size. The unit can be used on any sofa, chair, table, stationery or any other item which has a high possibility ofbeing infectedwiththeCoronavirus.


-  Kills Virus in 1-2 minutes

-  Cost effective

-  Portable and Easy to use

-  Light Weight- less than 5 kgs

-  Safe to operate

-  Does not use any chemicals

-  Ergonomically designed

-  Durable and Long Lasting

For use in Defence and Para Military Camps, Offices, Conference Halls, Residences, Showrooms, Banks, Airports, Railway stations, Municipal Corporations etc

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