Converting Organic waste into electricity Capacity 1TPD to 25 TPDAlfa Therm- Biogas to electricity plants are designed for handling and processing the biodegradable waste resource materials generated in Kitchens, vegetable markets, slaughter houses, food and fruit processing industries, agro-waste and biomass in a decentralized manner. These plants serve following purpose.

  • Environment friendly disposal of biodegradable waste, which is the need of the hour considering mass pollution everywhere.
  • Generation of fairly good amount of fuel gas, which will support the dwindling energy resources.
  • Generation of high quality manure, which would be weed-less and an excellent soil conditioner. This is very important for replenishing the diminishing productivity of soils.
  • will reduce the menace of street dogs and other nuisance animals and pathogens, as a major portion of biodegradable waste on dumping yards would no longer be available for their feeding.
  • Employment generation
  • Environmental protection by helping in maintenance of elemental cycles in the nature.


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