Alfa Therm is leading name in the waste treatment technology. “Alfa-Therm” providing COVID waste incinerator in Mobile and Static design in Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Testing Laboratories, Research Institutes, Health Camps, pharmaceuticals industries etc. COVID 19 waste that contains infectious and contaminated materials that harmful for the environment.

These are generally produced at Hospitals, Medical Colleges, Testing Laboratories, Research Institutes, Health Camps etc. If these wastes are not managed and destroyed in a proper manner, it can create health and environmental risks. Incinerators are the best way of disposing all kinds of waste by reducing the waste volume and ensuring destruction of potentially dangerous substances. Alfa Therm is the largest manufacturer of Incinerators and waste management equipments in India.

Covid Incinerator available with us in Mobile and Static design. Some of the common benefits of Medical Waste Incinerator are:

• Complete destruction of waste
• Volume reduction at high temperatures and conversion to ash
• Double chamber unit
• Pre-configured and pre-tested
• Plug & Play type
• Low Emissions and low residual waste
• Low running cost
• Environment Friendly
• Low Space requirement - compact design
• Low maintenance
• Esthetically pleasing looks
• Electrical requirement: 220 v AC
• Height of stack - 3 mtrs
• Burners- Diesel fired/Gas Fired
• Control Panel- Provided
• Material of Construction of chambers- Heavy duty steel
• Insulation & Refractories in chambers factory installed
• Temperature upto 1200 deg.C can be achieved
• Easy installation

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