THE DRUM COMPOSTER /AEROBIC DRUM COMPOSTING PLANTIS designed to efficiently treat all kinds of organic waste materials. The technology uses only top quality product including a stainless steel shredder and conveying system and inside lining to completely protect the rotating composter from rust caused by moisture. Waste is added in the unit from the hopper fixed on the Shredder that breaks it down into small size for easy decomposition. The shredded waste is conveyed into rotary composter through a stainless steel conveying system. The composter starts the process by slowly rotating the material inside in a closed vessel. Lifters inside the drum help move the material as it rotates. A fan introduces oxygen in the composter for the composting process. Operation of the machine is controlled by a PLC for easy and automatic operation. As the material breaks down it, produces heat as a byproduct. Temperature rises which destroys the pathogens. The slow rotation of the composter gradually moves the material towards the discharge end. At the discharge end a motorized trommel is provided which is designed to screen out any large particles that may not have broken down during the process. Such materials are reintroduced at the feeding point again. The fine material from the screen is compost ready for use as a fertilizer or Soil enhancer. The drum composers are available from 250 kgs/day upto 10 Tons/day capacties

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