The waste which is generated from Households, Offices, Resorts, Temples, Hotels, Airports, Embassies, Industries, Camps, floor sweeping etc. is called General Waste. It also includes materials such as non-recyclable plastics, polythene, some packaging and kitchen scraps.

Alfa-Therm general waste incinerators are compact in design, easy to operate and environment friendly. Usually diesel or gas fired burner is ideal for burning. The incinerators are designed to burn paper, garbage, cotton cloth waste, solid waste, corrugated boxes, napkin waste, food waste etc.Incinerators upto 100 kgs/hr capacity are skid mounted for easy installation. Capacities over 100 kgs/hr require installation of the secondary chamber at site. Secondary chambers are horizontal or vertical depending on the site conditions and clients can choose between the options. A chimney above the secondary chamber releases the flue gases

  1. The Incinerator is fabricated out of heavy gauge mild steel and is duly insulated and refractory lined from inside.
  2. Unique design with primary and secondary chambers housed within the same shell that takes care of time, temperature and turbulence are also available.
  3. A separate Waste Charging door and separate Ash removal door is provided for easy loading and ash removal from the incinerator. 

Fuel options : Diesel / Gas / Electrical

Capacity : From 10 kgs/hr to 2 Tons/hr

Additional : Air Pollution Control System and Automatic Waste Feeding System

Optional : 2 Seconds gas retention time in secondary chamber

No Power No Fuel incinerator dual chamber design is also available for dry waste having moisture contents upto 15-20%.

Advantages of No Power No Fuel Incinerator for Dry waste

  1. No Fuel Required
  2. No Electricity Required
  3. No Smell
  4. No Visible Smoke
  5. Maintenance Free
  6. Portable- easily movable
  7. Requires very little space
  8. No need for a skilled person to operate
  9. Right solution for disposal of daily garbage disposal needs
  10. Major reduction in waste volume
  11. Very little ash after incineration

Product Videos

General/Solid Waste Incinerator/No Power No Fuel Incinerator