• Dual Chamber design
  • Material of Construction - Heavy duty steel
  • Insulated and Refractory lined chambers
  • Burners in various fuel options
  • Emergency stack to vent out the gases incase of power failure
  • Venturi Scrubber high energy air pollution control device (Wet Scrubber) with Stainless Steel -316L Construction for cleaning of gases
  • Droplet Separator (for separation of water droplets from flue gases) cum re-circulation tank
  • Re-circulation pump
  • F D Fan for providing air inside primary and secondary chamber
  • I D Fan to maintain the negative draft and control the gas flow
  • Fuel Oil Tank & Piping
  • Electrical Control Panel
  • Interconnecting ducts & pipings
  • Chimney of 5,10,15,30 mtrs height from ground level OR as per country's regulation and client's requirement
  • Low running & maintenance cost
  • Environment Friendly
  • Installation with the help of installation manual and drawings/By ATL's engineer

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