Recovery of  Recyclables From Municipal Solid Waste , A material recovery facility (MRF) is where commingled recyclable materials that are collected from households are sorted into different types (e.g. plastics, cardboards and paper, metal etc.) using a mixture of manual and automated methods. When the material have been sorted they are sent to re-processors and manufacturers where they are used to create new products. The main function of the MRF is to maximize the quantity of recyclable processed, while producing materials that will generate the highest possible revenues in the market.The mechanical sorting mechanisms and processors include state of the art processing equipment consisting of conveyors, tromell, screens, sorting stations, ballistic screens, ferrous and non-ferrous separators, optical sorters, bag breaker and balers. Processing at the facility begins mechanically, becomes manual and then goes back to a mechanical process for final quality control. The result is unparalleled diversion and consistently cleaner product. Our MRF technology enables you to achieve excellent separation and minimal residues. MRF is a vital part for a successful waste management system which not only is able to extract valuable material out of waste but also minimize the waste going into landfills.

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