Incinerator requiring No Fuel No Electricity,
Suitable for Dry Waste Types having moisture contents upto 7-10%
  • The ever increasing costs faced to dispose of waste is escalating. Incineration is proved to be the most effective way of eradicating this problem.
  • Our CM Series of Incinerators are extremely efficient ensuring that we meet the highest standards in safety and construction.
  •  Alfa-Therm CM series incinerators are free burning waste incinerators for fuel free and electricity free destruction of waste.
  • This series is designed for type 0 and Type 1 wastes, comprising of Paper, Cardboard, Cartons, Wood Boxes, Leaves, Foliage, Droppings, Combustible floor sweepings from commercial and industrial activities.
  • Unique design with primary and secondary chambers housed within the same shell that takes care of time, temperature and turbulence.
  • Exclusive of free moisture in wet material, waste may contain up to 25% inherent moisture and 10% incombustible solids.
  • The Incinerator is portable design. The Incinerator is fabricated out of heavy gauge Mild Steel and is duly insulated and refractory lined from inside.
  • The Incinerator has no running cost.
  • Primary and secondary airs are automatically drawn in the incinerator due to its unique design.
  • A separate Waste Charging door and Ash removal door is provided for easy loading and ash removal from the incinerator.
  • Waste is fed inside the chamber manually from the top and wastes are ignited manually from the top through waste charging door. The combustion air is provided from within the grates. Sufficient secondary air is provided into the unit from the space between the outer and inner combustion chamber.
  • A Chimney of 3 mtrs high is provided to vent out the gases and is mounted on top of the Incinerator.

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