The twin shaft shredders are versatile shredders designed for shredding many types of bulky material in the primary stage. The shredders are extremely rugged and have a strong support structure to withstand all loads. Shredders are available in a wide range of electrical and hydraulic drive configuration. Feed conveyors and output conveyors can be provided. The housing is solid construction, bolted together. The bearing unit is separate and properly sealed to avoid damage from liquid and solid material, thereby increasing its life. The shredders have low speed, high torque, low noise, low dust and low maintenance. In case the shredder is overloaded and foreign objects are in the cutting unit, the rotor stops and moves backwards after which it returns to its original direction (auto-reverse). The blades are made from special hardened steel and are easily replaceable. The design of the blades varies according to the material being shredded. Higher capacity shredders are provided with two gearbox system ensuring constant torque on both shafts.  The shafts are counter-rotating and hexagonal in design ensuring excellent gripping of the blades. Electricals and gearboxes are conformed to applicable CE regulation and are CE Marked. The twin shaft shredders are used for shredding Medical Waste, Municipal Solid Waste, Wood, Tyres, Plastic, E-waste, Packing material, textile, Drum, Metals,  oversize bulky waste, industrial waste, General Waste, Hazardous Waste, end of life equipment and other difficult to shred items. The heavy duty shredders are manufactured by us up to 20 tons/hr capacity 

Some of the Highlighting Features of our Twin Shaft Shredder include:  

  • Robust and rugged machines that have throughput up to 20 tons/hr
  • Safe to operate and very low vibration
  • Lower noise and dust which means a safe work environment
  • Lower power requirements and higher reliability
  • Lower risk and longer life of the equipment

Alfa Therm today stands as a leader in the Indian market for providing the most effective equipment for waste management. We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of high-quality shredders. Our aim is to bring to you world-class technology for the proper disposal of all waste from varied industries. We thrive to support and promote the management of waste in a structured manner. With our strong in-house R&D and a dedicated team and after-sales team, we provide the latest technology equipment and keep upgrading the plants and equipment as per our customer’s requirement. Our shredders are designed to effectively handle your shredding needs and are cost advantageous, productivity-enhancing, and technically robust products. Our range of shredders includes E-waste Shredder, Waste Shredder, Tyre Shredder, Medical waste shredder, Green biomass shredder, Textile shredder, and more.

E-Waste Shredder

E-waste includes computer accessories, radios, ink cartridges, hard drives, cell phones, video games, office equipment such as copiers, fax machines, and more. Because so much e-waste is not disposed of properly, e-waste contamination is becoming a huge problem. Alfa Therm e-waste shredders in the processing of e-waste.

How our e-waste shredder works:

  • Alfa Therm’s e-waste shredder processes e-waste as coarse shredding, fine shredding, screening, and metal separation of waste materials. These are the most important part of e-waste recycling
  • Recycling and processing is impossible without shredding bulky e-waste
  • Alfa Therm series of e-waste shredders and their capacities range from 250 KG /Hour to 10 Tons/Hour
  • We also offer size assurance mechanism that can assure the uniform desired output

Our machines are especially suitable for recycling different types of e-waste. Alfa Therm’s low-speed twin shaft shredder is specifically suited for this process as the low speed ensures electronic waste is shredded properly with low emissions. The shredded ingredients are ideally suited for e-scrap recycling machines and further for cutting facilities. This is where the precious metals are separated from impurities.

Alfa Therm’s e-waste shredders help companies and other small businesses worldwide to help dispose of, recycle and demanufacture waste materials. Our machines are also tailor-made to suit the specific requirement of the client at an affordable price.

Features of Alfa Therm’s e-waste shredder

Check out the key features of our electronic waste shredder:

  • User-friendliness
  • Low speed and high torque system
  • High-security level
  • Few moving parts
  • Low power consumption
  • Rugged construction

Tyre Shredder

The whole tyre is difficult to process directly considering the steel wire and large volume and hence tyre shredder is required as a pre-treatment device for further tyre recycling. The processed scrap tyre can be used for various applications as under:

  • Reclaimed Rubber Sheet
  • Rubber Moulded Products
  • Rubber Crumbs On the PlayGround
  • Pyrolysis (LDO Generation)
  • TDF (Tyre Derived Fuels) etc.

Salient features of our tyre shredder

Alfa Therm’s tyre shredder capacity ranges from 1 TPH to 20 TPH. Some of its key features are as follows:

  • Durability
  • Easy maintenance and high efficiency
  • Low energy consumption
  • Highest production output quality
  • Low production costs
  • Security guarantee

Our range of tyre processing machinery are as follows:

  • Rasper
  • Primary Shredder
  • Secondary Shredder
  • Hydraulic Scissors
  • Bead Wire Puller
  • Material Handling Equipment

When you choose Alfa Therm’s tyre shredder, you are assured of a dependable shredder. We offer solutions based on customer’s requirements. We love to customise our product depending upon the customer’s specifications and prices. Our shredders are known worldwide for their reliable, efficient, and durable designs as well as quality! With a solid robust and high torque, Alfa Therm’s tyre shredder series is an ideal shredding machine for used tyres. Contact us today to get a competitive tyre shredding machine price.

Medical waste shredder

  • Medical waste shredding machine is used to shred waste such as glass vials, syringes, broken ampules, blood bags, bandages, gloves etc.
  • Shredding is a process by which waste is shredded into smaller pieces. It helps in the prevention of reuse of noninfectious medical waste and also ensures that waste is safely disposed of.
  • Alfa Therm’s cost-effective medical waste shredder machine comes with a 'V' shaped fixed cutter and multiple rotary shearing discs.
  • The material is put in between rotary discs and fixed cutters shreds over and over again.
  • The residue generated by our shredder can be discarded as general waste or recycled at the concerned facility.

Why Alfa Therm’s medical waste shredder?

Our medical waste shredder offers the following features:

No air pollution: No dust and fumes is generated while shredding hazardous materials

Low noise level: Low cutting speed and hence no noise pollution

Versatility: Our machine shreds different kinds of medical waste like soft plastic bottles, hard syringes, hand gloves, etc

Easy operation: The simple construction of the shredder provides easy operation

Low electricity consumption: It consumes less electricity than other shredders

Low maintenance cost: The maintenance cost is less as the fixed cutter can be reused several times

Safety features: All our shredder series comes with safety features like door open cut off switch, overload protection & more

E-waste Shredder

E waste or electronic waste is described as discarded electrical or electronic devices. It is impossible to imagine the modern world without the use of gadgets or electrical appliances and therefore there is a rise in the production and consumption of such equipment. In India, over 2 million tonnes of waste is generated every year and sadly only a small portion of it is recycled. As we all know e waste contains various chemicals that can be harmful to the environment as well as human health. By recycling e-waste, we not only protect the environment but also reduce business costs. The waste scrap should be shredded, segregated into different components, and process to recover great recyclable materials.

Alfa Therm e waste shredder is custom made to suit specific requirements of recycling different types of e-waste at affordable prices. We provide e-waste shredders with a single shaft and dual shaft and low speed and high torque system as well as with a separator system that is critical for recycling e waste. With our electronic waste shredder machine, metals and nonmetals present in the e-waste can be separated and recycled in an economical and structured manner. The salient features of our e-waste shredder include - user-friendliness, durability, high-security level, smooth operations, low power consumption, and rugged construction.

Tyre Shredder

Vehicle tyres contribute significantly to the waste produced in our country. This is where the role of tyre shredders come into place. It not only has green benefits but also numerous industrial benefits. Alfa Therm is a leading manufacturer of tyre shredder machine, waste rubber tyre shredder, double shaft tyre shredder and all related products. It is one of our main products. Our tyre shredder machine is used to shred the whole tyre in rubber powder in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

It is equipped with a gear speed reducer which ensures smooth operation. Security guarantee, durability, low energy consumption, easy maintenance and high efficiency are the main features of our tyre shredder machine.

Medical Waste Shredder

A biomedical waste shredder is used to discard various items like blades, syringes, bandages, gloves etc. By shredding such waste, it eliminates the chances of resuing such infectious products. Alfa Therm???s biomedical waste shredder is equipped enough to shred both dry and wet waste in the most efficient way. Our machines are versatile and cut all sorts of biomedical waste. We are one of the leading manufacturers of the biomedical waste shredder and ensures the use of modern technology and international standard quality while manufacturing the machine.

We believe in offering the best to our customers. Should you have any query regarding any types of shredders, please contact us !

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