Single Shaft
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The purpose of the Shredder is to reduce the size and volume of the solid waste. The shredded waste can be incinerated easily or recycled with ease due to its volume reductiom Single shaft shredders are best used as a secondary shredder for a particular size requirement .The shredders are provided with a large diameter rotor and hydraulic system for the ram pusher and swing type sieve cleaning. The shredder has low speed and high torque and suitable for different applications.

The high-precision cutters can be tumed once the side is worn out The knives are installed at the appropriate position for fine shredding. The output material size is as per the screen installed. Screen size can be custom-built as per customer and as per application requirement.The shredder can shred various types of wastes upto 5000 kgs,/hr

A shredder a useful machine or device used for shredding. Made up of different mechanisms there are different types of shredders. One of the popular ones is a single shaft shredder.
Alfa Therm single shaft shredder reduces waste material to particle size Our powerful and versatile shredders are used in recycling operations
for the making of valuable raw materials. It is well-designed to process all kinds of input materials and suited for varied ndustries. Some of the highlighting features of this sturdy built machine that built the requirement of modern recycling operations are as follows:
1 Excessive adjustments inside the machine is not required
2. Great accessibility to the cutting chamber
3. Screen frame is open hydraulically/ mechanically
4. Throughputs range between SO kgsJhr to 5000 kgsJhr depending on the model and application
6. Best performance in every application

Alfa Therm shredders are perfect for size reduction of:
1. Medical Waste
2. MSW
3. Plastic and aluminum cans and bins
4. MSW snreaaer
5. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Shredders are Alfa Therm's popular range of shredders. MSW shredders are important for landfills, eco-centers, and any other organization that works with waste management and recycling. MSW shredders involve the shredding of different types of materials than a regular shredding machine.
At Alfa Therm, we understand the requirements of MSW shredders i.e. high capacity for reduction of solid waste materials and low operating costs. Our shredders are versatile and rugged that can meet the tough requirements and deliver optimum results. The slow number of turns allows the shredders to consume less fuel and reach high torques. Our modern technology allows you to obtain the best result in a cost-effective manner and make the most of each processing stage to obtain fine particles that are ideal for recycling resources.

The demand for biomass heating up and it definitely has a bright future in the world's supply of alternative energy. If you are wondering why shred to produce biomass, here is the answer. Wood an easily available commodity that can be and technology has advanced so much so that wood shredding for biomass is considered a safer, easier, and most importantly most profitable option.
Alfa Therm's biomass shredder isnt too complicated and can be used without much assistance and maintenance. A biomass shredder is a combination of two machines: i.e crusher and shredder. The role of the crusher is to crush the raw materials from various sources and later the shredder chops the raw materials into fine pieces for the next stage of production.
Our biomass shredders provide the perfect solution with materials such as wood waste, wood chips, tree bark, coconut shell, and more. Our robust machine has definitely changed the way of biomass shredding and we couldn't be happier to see it being used different parts of India.

When designing a new machine, we at Alfa Therm always put the needs of our customers first. Our shredders are designed in a way to offer unique, low maintenance, and cost-effective solutions. Our aim is to constantly improvise the functionality of our units to always serve you with the latest and the most technologically advanced equipment. Experience the whole range of benefits of shredding as well as know or ask any questions about our machines with our expert team. Yes, pu can count on us to find the perfect solution for all your needs.
1. Plastic and aluminum cans and bins
2. Biomass and agricultural waste
3. E-waste
4. Cardboard
5. Containers
6. Hotel or kitchen waste
7. Hazardous waste
8. Packaging waste
9. Rubber and textile
10. Automobile waste
You can cut any big or solid materials using our single shaft shredder. The machine keeps on shredding when a material is inserted to a point till it is broken down properly.

Single shaft shredders are one of the popular shredders and Alfa Therm single shaft shredders has everything you are looking for.
We are India's leading manufacturer of MSW composting plants and equipment, waste disposal, and recycling industry. All our machines are designed keeping the safety standards in mind.
Our shredders are designed specifically for every type of material. It is affordable and of great quality and comes with quick service support!
When you place your order for a single shaft shredder, the brand's reputation and cost should definitely be taken consideration. The originality of the product is ensured only you are going for the best manufacturer. At Alfa Therm, pu get the best quality machines at competitive prices. Get the real value of your money by purchasing our machine. Reach out to us for any questions you may have regarding our product!.