Alfa Therm is a more than 28 year old leading manufacturing and engineering company of India providing integrated design.

Animal waste is a pollutant of increasing concern both to the public and to regulatory bodies because they have the potential to contaminate both surface and groundwater.
Animal waste incineration is the most efficacious method of disposal resulting in a high level of risk scarcity, Animal waste incinerators are manufactured with heavy duty steel construction, quality material, strong refractory and are reckoned for robust construction and long & reliable functional life.
It is also provided with appropriate air pollution control system as per country regulations/customer's demand.

These incinerators are specifically designed to dispose animal carcass.
1. Large Animal incinerator (Cow, Horse, Buffalos etc.)
2. Small Animal Incinerator (Dogs, Cats, Rats etc.)
3. Poultry incinerator/Bird incinerator (Poultry birds, poultry farm waste)

The ideal answer for treating small-scale agricultural, poultry and pet hotel/cattery waste. We are intended to assist with keeping up with your site biosecurity giving a moment's answer for the removal of fallen animals securely. Minimal and ready to be introduced essentially anyplace, this machine is great for ranches, pet hotels, catteries, abattoirs and other food handling plants. Because of our one-of-a-kind plans, the scopes of machines are all independently high quality utilizing time-served ace experts. No other provider can offer this degree of value and commitment to their items. We make quality items that give fantastic restitution on speculation. Our Animal Waste Incinerator is the most vigorous and thermally proficient in the business. Really understanding the distinction that the arrangement of waste and the effect their exceptional properties has on the climate and local area and changing our machines in like manner. Putting time and assets into innovative work guarantees we limit the effect that waste has on the world, today and for people in the future.
Having explicit reaches covering, clinical, agrarian, aquacultural, metropolitan and other expert waste streams. Some might seem to be comparable outwardly, however,r it is in the enhancement that we can ensure the most secure way to deal with waste, the executives. Going from minimized 100kg limit machines for little homesteads and clinical offices to huge scope multi-ton limit establishments. We are one of the main suppliers of Animal Waste Incinerator, warm treatment internationally that can give such a successful scope of arrangements.
Over long periods of giving creative and viable incineration arrangements across the poultry business, we have planned and fostered a scope of incinerators that can guarantee the compelling and bio-secure removal of all your poultry waste. Whether you are a little holding or enormous grill activity, we have the cremation framework for you. Our scope of British-constructed incinerators has been meticulously designed for areas all through the poultry creation industry, with machines reasonable for little tasks with rare throughputs of waste, to Animal Waste Incinerator explicitly intended for enormous activities that require ordinary and escalated garbage removal. We have a large number of answers for addressing the issues of any size activity, with machines reasonable for the removal of chicks, through to chickens, turkeys and game birds.
Our organization conveys exceptionally effective answers for securely discarding a wide range of horticultural homestead wastes. Conveying the ideal answer for cultivating business around the world. Carefully designed to annihilate all of your fallen stock and creature squander dependably. Introduced in numerous nations for the vast majority of the universes driving cultivating associations. To guarantee that you have the best answer for keeping up with your homestead security we will work intimately with you to match the right ranch ANIMAL WASTE INCINERATOR to your business prerequisites.
Our aftercare will uphold you on the occasion you experience any issues and we can furnish you with all the preparation you or your group need to securely and productively work your incinerator - promising you a great incinerator that will give unwavering quality and bio-security for years to come. You can look over a progression of choices inside each model to guarantee the incinerator meets your definite necessities or converse with us about our tailor-made arrangement administration. If your guidelines require it, we are glad to examine outflows control and energy recuperation frameworks which can be added either toward the beginning or as a retrofit.

We have worked resolutely to fabricate machines that are esteemed by ranchers, pet crematories, abattoirs, also the tremendous scope of different areas we work with.
It is fundamental that the waste is managed rapidly and productively to stay away from any cross-defilement to general society and climate. Or on the other hand scope of a versatile Animal Waste Incinerator can be nearby and prepared to work in the span of 2 hours. We are also Manufacturers of SOLID WASTE INCINERATOR, GENERAL WASTE INCINERATOR MANUFACTURERS, MEDICAL WASTE INCINERATOR, HOSPITAL WASTE INCINERATOR, HAZARDOUS WASTE INCINERATOR, INDUSTRIAL WASTE INCINERATOR, ROTARY INCINERATOR MANUFACTURERS.
1. APPLICATIONS: Incineration of large dead animals, , Poultry animals/birds infected from Bird Flu Disease or death, Farm animals infected from infectious diseases or death, Animal Carcasses form Slaughter houses, Experimental or research Animals, Animals from farms and zoo.
2. Design: Floor-standing, Moveable bed/Hearth Trolley, Mobile Incinerator
3. Material of Construction : Heavy Duty Steel
4. Refractory and Insulation : Insulated and Refractory lined chambers
5. Combustion: Post/ Secondary Chamber 2 seconds residence time design.
6. Feeding: Fully automated animal waste feeding system (Manual feeding option also available)
7. Air Pollution Control System : Wet Venturi Scrubbing System/Dry Scrubbing System
8. Ash removal: Automatic ash removal system optional
9. Temperature range: Min. 850 °C (1562 °F), Max. 1150 °C (2102 °F)
10. Burning fuel: Diesel, LPG, Natural Gas, Electrical
11. Capacity: 100, 200, 250, 500, 1000, 1300, 1500 Kgs per day
12. Emission: Alfa-Therm Incinerator can achieve any Local or International regulation such as Indian, EPA, UAE, Egyptian, EU 2000/76/EC (or 2010/75/EU).
13. Installation : Easy with the help of the installation manual and drawings/By our trained engineer