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The waste which is generated from Households, Offices, Resorts, Temples, Hotels, Airports, Embassies, Industries, Camps, floor-sweeping, etc. Is called General Waste. It also includes materials such as non-recyclable plastics, polyethylene, some packaging, and kitchen scraps.

Alfa Therm is the leading Best Solid Waste Incinerator & General Waste Incinerator manufacturer in India. Our incinerators have the option of wet or dry air, pollution control in the form of cyclone separators, fabric filters, ceramic filters, low-pressure wet scrubbers, and electrostatic precipitators.

Alfa-Therm general waste incinerators are compact in design, easy to operate, and environment friendly. Usually, diesel or gas-fired burner is ideal for burning. The incinerators are designed to burn paper, garbage, cotton cloth waste, solid waste, corrugated boxes, napkin waste, food waste, etc.

Incinerators up to 100 kgs/hr capacity are skid mounted for easy installation. Capacities over 100 kgs/hr require installation of the secondary chamber at the site. Secondary chambers are horizontal or vertical depending on the site conditions and clients can choose between the showpopupEnq. A chimney above the secondary chamber releases the flue gases

Technical Specifications
Model GW-10 GW-15 GW-25 GW-50 GW-100
Capacity 10 15 25 50 100
Combustion chamber
Vol. m#
0.08 0.10 0.14 028 0.56
Fuel Tank capacity 200 200 200 500 500
No. of burners & Model
P- 120000Kcl
S- 120000 Kcl
P- 120000Kcl
S- 120000 Kcl
P- 120000 Kcl
S- 130000
P-200000 Kcal
S- 300000
P-300000 Kcal
S- 400000
Chimney height with
bottom & top diameter
5 5 7 7 7
Capacity 10 15 25 50 100
Area of Installation 3x3x 4 3x4x 5 3x4x 5 4 x 5x 6 4 x 5x 6

Portable Incinerator

Waste incineration is the utilization of high-temperature heaters to combust squander and decrease its volume by 95% and mass by 80-85%. Recall, however, that the mass isn't really lost, it's simply moved into the environment as water fume and other vent gasses including dioxins. The excess salts, metals, and other non-burnable components in the waste are left in the debris that is then discarded in a landfill.

Many waste incinerators are likewise used to create power as a helpful side-effect of the waste burning interaction. In any case, there are as yet ecological worries around waste incineration. Incinerators regularly don't consume adequately hot to annihilate the dioxins and furans made when plastics are scorched. The two dioxins and furans are cancer-causing agents. Further developed innovation and synergist textures decrease the emanations of these cancer-causing agents. Presently a cutting-edge incinerator office consuming 200 tons of civil waste a day radiates only 1/5 of the dioxins that one family would deliver utilizing a barrel to consume family garbage on their patio.

Incineration can diminish the strong mass of the first waste, which is now compacted by dump trucks, to a further 80 to 85%. GENERAL WASTE INCINERATOR can likewise decrease the volume of junk up to 95%. How compact the mass has relied upon the arrangement of the trash materials.

Accompanying tough, minimal plan and elite execution; these incinerators are the best option for taking care of the biomedical garbage removal issues in clinics, research centers, colleges, clinical schools, facilities and different businesses, where protected and clean removal of trash is a great imperative. Rely on sorts of removal squander, we configure, produce and supply the best quality incinerators.

We have accomplished outrageous quality item execution while keeping up with the customized administration you need. With a huge group of expertly skilled specialized people, showcasing personals and client care support gives assurance of excellent research facility gear and after deals administration. Our modification rate is extremely low as we utilize the most recent assembling and plan innovation. With regards to hardware parts and different parts utilized in Laboratory Equipment and Instruments, we utilize great marked parts. This allows you to get a good deal on revamping and have the right parts when you want them.

We, SOLID WASTE INCINERATOR MANUFACTURERS, focus on quality and client assistance that our clients track down in all parts of our work. We serve our clients with extraordinary responsiveness, execution, and conveyance of items. We trust in continuous association in the creation and arranging process which permits us to expect, as opposed to just responding to our changing creation prerequisites.

Our SOLID WASTE INCINERATOR goes to different ventures; from schools to enormous associations, our clients incorporate colleges, clinical places, pharmaceutical organizations, emergency clinics, waste management organizations, and some more. We likewise supply our gear to Govt. Organizations, little, medium, and huge global research facilities all through India and overall at a profoundly reasonable cost.

We mean to make the climate more economical and bearable through the execution of harmless to the ecosystem strategies. We commit all our energy to work on human existence. Our need is generally to guarantee that our workers, clients, and everybody we contact through our qualities is blissful and satisfied. As a family, we act with freedoms and a feeling of equity in our business and standards. No matter what the conditions, we keep up with our obligation to our association, our objectives, and the tasks we accept will promote human government assistance. Our ordinary reusing practices incorporate buying reused content items and integrating these practices into our strategies. Our vision is to satisfy the market needs with turn-key arrangements utilizing just green innovation. We are also Manufacturers of ANIMAL WASTE INCINERATOR, POULTRY WASTE INCINERATOR, MEDICAL WASTE INCINERATOR, HOSPITAL WASTE INCINERATOR, HAZARDOUS WASTE INCINERATOR, INDUSTRIAL WASTE INCINERATOR, ROTARY INCINERATOR MANUFACTURERS.

The Incinerator is fabricated out of heavy gauge mild steel and is duly insulated and refractory lined from inside. Unique design with primary and secondary chambers housed within the same shell that takes care of time, temperature and turbulence are also available. A separate Waste Charging door and separate Ash removal door are provided for easy loading and ash removal from the incinerator. Fuel showpopupEnq: Diesel / Gas / Electrical

ADDITIONAL : Air Pollution Control System and Automatic Waste Feeding System
OPTIONAL : 2 Seconds gas retention time in secondary chamber
1. No Fuel Required
2. No Electricity Required
3. No Smell
4. No Visible Smoke
5. Maintenance Free
6. Portable- easily movable
7. Requires very little space
8. No need for a skilled person to operate
9. Right solution for disposal of daily garbage disposal needs
10. Major reduction in waste volume
11. Very little ash after incineration